A Huge Step Forward for Client Success!


We have taken an enormous step forward to add to our clients’ success. 

We have recently invested heavily in AI (Artificial Intelligence). Most will say, “what’s that, or so what?” 

It is a big deal…a very big deal! Here’s why.

In today’s hiring environment what is the biggest issue? Finding qualified people for almost any positions. Why? The CEO of a large corporation and a long-term client told me recently, “The number one issue a company faces is an open position. It causes too many problems the longer it is open.”

Most search firms (and companies) seek people from some sort of data base whether their own, one they subscribe to or have access to for potential candidates. Or, an online ad which is like playing the lottery. None of the data they access can narrow the qualifications of the individual to the position other than by a few key words which is rather cumbersome. Sure, they may make cursory inquiries and talk with the candidate but then send their client the resume (if and when they find something that looks plausible) and hope for the best. Their clients hope for the best too. Clients don’t have much confidence in that approach, never have. And, with 7.1 million open positions and very few qualified candidates it doesn’t take much for what confidence they do have can fade quickly. It is a very inefficient and “messy” process.

Our already robust process has served our clients well and you can see that by our numbers. We wanted to shorten the time from the search initiation to the presentation of the candidate our clients hire. And, make that happen in this difficult hiring environment. With the implementation of AI we have accomplished that. Not a data base search but enormous amounts of all kinds of pertinent and useful data used by artificial intelligence to sift through, identify, match, and provide detailed information about individuals. The information is voluminous, we narrow it down quickly, interact with the potential candidates through our process and provide the right person for our client. The number of people seeking a position is irrelevant to us. Data bases do not contain the type of information, the up to date information nor the numbers of people to be sorted that artificial intelligence utilizes. 

We identify more people, more closely aligned with what our client seeks, further refine the number of people with our process and provide the right people faster to our clients. We are not taking days off the length of a search but weeks in most cases. 

It allows clients to step into the 21st century with technology and human interaction that continues to provide the right people, further increases the speed to identifying the right person and finishes the search sooner. 

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Hiring Difficulties by the Numbers


Most companies and their hiring managers are struggling with hiring the people they need and want. I have explained why in a previous article. Let’s go one step further and put some numbers behind it that illustrates the situation.

It has been published many times that Baby Boomers are retiring at a rate of about 10,000 per day. That alone is removing a lot of experienced, knowledgeable people from the available people to hire. 

There were 76 million Baby Boomers born. In past when a generation left the work force there was a generation of at least the same size or larger to take the place of those who left. In this case there were only 38 million GenXers born. It is obvious there is a math problem that has to be factored into this and has to be a dealt with in finding people to hire.

Recently the news pointed out that there are more open positions than unemployed people for the first time in several decades. That is compounding the problem for companies and search firms as most processes used to find candidates are aimed squarely at those who are seeking a job and not currently employed.

To add to the predicament, those who are coming behind many of the Baby Boomers are not as experienced as. Part of that issue is how companies handled the transition. In many cases they brought in a younger person and told the incumbent that he/she should teach the new person what they know and they will take their place when they retire. Unfortunately what they were doing many times was hiring someone less expensive and when they were up to speed they laid off the more experienced person. So Baby Boomers got wise quickly. They acknowledged they would teach the new person but did not. So, when the new person faced their first problem they had no knowledge to draw from. Their learning curve became much more challenging. 

As companies downsized, rightsized, re-engineered, etc., those left were put into “hybrid” positions; combinations of several jobs as companies were doing more with less.  When they wanted to replace the person doing that job, it was and is hard to find the right person because they organically created and unique job. 

All of this has added to the difficulties companies face today. We saw this coming many years ago. That’s why we created a process that took all if this into account. It is successful when talent is plentiful and when talent is very scarce.   How can we help you?

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What's New and Why

I am often asked by clients and potential clients how we have continued year after year to perform to the level of client success that we have. 

Our process fundamentally has not changed. We do consider at how client needs have evolved. In days gone by most companies felt confident they could find the people they needed. Any help they needed was just to provide assistance at times in a mechanical fashion; find the qualified person, give us their information and help us hire them.

That may not sound too different than what companies want today, but it has changed. Now what companies want and need is:

· Advice on recruiting the right people, how best to recruit

· What is the market like

· How can we be more assured that the person we want is truly qualified and going to stay with us

· Which candidate do you recommend and why? 

For the Sutton Group the advisory part has not changed, whether how to best recruit or recommending who to hire. What has changed is providing even more assurance (less risk) to the process of hiring someone who will stay. Retention is an important part of recruiting now. To some companies that has always been important. To others, it was secondary to getting the person who had the qualifications. Now it is equally important or in some cases more important. 

Maybe we did not have to address this since 98% of those whom we have helped our clients hire over the past 15 years have stayed with our client for 10 years or longer. Since its importance has increased with companies in general, we wanted to provide that assurance? 

We have added a robust assessment of candidates we present. It can cover three areas:

1. Competencies - What competencies does a person need to regularly display to be effective in a position and possibly develop to be effective in a future position? The assessment evaluates their work personality and (in some cases) abilities and helps you to consider how these innate characteristics impact competency.

2. Motivators - Motivators are a collection of learned attitudes and beliefs. They provide an individual with information regarding which motivators are most important to an individual at the present time.

3. Work Style - Individuals have a recognizable and understandable behavioral style. Style can be described as the way people think, solve problems, express feelings and interact with others to get a job done.

The assessment has been used for over 30 years by industrial psychologists and consultants. While it should not be considered a go –no go assessment alone to hire a candidate, it can focus quickly on the candidate who would best fit the company for position and with others. That translates into staying for the long-term, all other factors being equal. This is most true and effective when an organization understands these three areas of its existing people and leadership to match the right people together building a high performing team.

This comes back to being an advisor. We can help organizations assess their existing leadership. In turn, that helps set the strategy of what types of people are a good match for building that high performing team for the long-term. And that equates into success now and for the future. 

If you would like to learn how we can help find the right people for your company let us know. We can provide insights that may be helpful.

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