Sutton Group's experience is advising leadership for results they want

Our reputation is built on delivering real results for clients; large public companies to small entrepreneurial companies



What we value: Relationships, partnering with clients and respect discretion.

Leader decisions must be just right. They are personal to those involved. These types of decisions are critical to the organization’s performance. Relationships with clients and candidates must be handled with care. Our advice and recommendations are given with conviction and integrity behind them. 

What We Value


Long-term relationships are our focus for clients and candidates. The best ideas and knowledgeable alternatives result from long-term relationships. We get to know executive’s business agendas and critical priorities, their unique skills, previous career path, personal insights and where they see their career going.


We take the time to understand your current strategy, are comfortable challenging directions to bring another perspective and understand the organization for each assignment. Every organization has its own unique culture and needs. Our own leadership experiences helps us to ask the right questions, empathize with your situations and needs. 

About Us


Why the Sutton Group



16 years ago we started the Sutton Group as a result of recognizing from our leadershiop experience that the best help came from those who understood our business, strategy, industry and were trusted.  We wanted to help others by understanding our clients strategies, their business, their industry.  


Proven Track Record

We place people in positions like:

  • C-Suite
  • Executive
  • Managerial
  • Operations
  • Marketing & Communications
  • ​Engineering - all areas
  • Quality
  • Sales
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Supply Chain



You probably have open positions in your company involved in value-creating projects, initiatives and objectives. The best person for that position must have:

· Skills and experiences that allow them to plan and bring those objectives to successful conclusion

· Critical thinking skills to solve complex problems. 

Call us and let’s discuss what is most challenging to you and let’s resolve it so you can move forward to achieve the business objectives you have planned.

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